HybridZ FAQ

Main Sections:

0. General

Basic information and facts about the Z car.

I. Engine Swaps

Answers to common questions about swapping different powerplants into a Z chassis.

II. Wheels/Tires

What wheel and tire combinations will work with a Z.

III. Drivetrain

Driveline components (differential, axles, transmissions) and modifications.

IV. Chassis/Suspension

Z chassis and suspension questions such as rollcages, coilovers, etc.

V. Brakes

This addresses the various swaps and modifications such as vented rotors, rear discs, etc.

VI. Body

Z body, interior, comfort and convenience components as well as aerodynamics, vents, etc.

VII. Trouble Shooting

Answers to common problems encountered in HybridZs.

VIII. Engine

Preparation and tuning.

IX. Competition

Answers to questions about drag racing, autocross, roadrace, etc.