Car is on the road - actually driving it dailyt. But, it is in need of a tune. I've done some reading and I am saving my pennies for HPTuners. I think I am still experiencing some O2 sensor problems. I am 99% certain that I solved all of my exhaust leak issues. The car is still running rich (and smelly).
At one point I thought I had baked my rear diff. Car was wierd and squirrely. I did get some help from Mark in Charlotte. He gave me a 3.54 R200, which is a way better gearing. The motor barely turns 1500 rpm on the highway. The 4.11 was too low. Turns out it was fine also - the squirelliness was due to a control arm bolt. It was missing shock.
It is very difficult to keep tires on this car. I only got about 5K miles on the first set. Previous swap page
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