ZCar Rear Suspension Rebuild Page 2

Complete Rebuild

Removed 1.5 inches from the rear struts. Camfered both surfaces, then found some exhaust tubing that had an OD exatcly the same as the strut tube ID. Stuck it in there (it was really long to aid in removal), hammered the top piece down nice and snug, and then welded up the seam. The front cartridges will be used in these tubes.

No perch yet...(So why did I primer it???)

Rear arm assembly
- I used the piece of strut tube section that was removed as a perch for the threaded collar.

This was alot of work. Much more work than the front suspension. Reassmbling the arms to the bearing carrier for instance was an extremely arduous task. It just didn't fit well in there between the new poly bushings.

I was also fitting a whole lot of project into this. I switched to CV axles, rear disks, sectioned my struts, replaced all bushings and bearings and fabricated a new type of diffmount.

I'm glad it's over with. At some point I'll come back to this page and add more detail.....




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