Driving along to class yesterday. They're tearing up the roads on campus, so it's pretty bumpy. Then, just as I'm almost to my building, BLAM! SMASH! CLUNK! I could hear this thing bouncing off the floor, etc. Looked in my rearview and saw this huge chunk of something bouncing behind me. Few seconds later there's dust in the back hatch area. And a smell. Wait, no, that's not dust, that's smoke. WTF? Hey, oil pressure is zero! Shocked What's going on? Now there's lots of smoke. I roll into the parking deck, get out - black trail behind me.

I'm gonna have to mount this thing:

My car is a bit low. And the pan is a sconch below the engine xmember. But still, I don't expect to encounter boulders on the road.

There's oil coating everything under the car now.

Now I have to find a pan, suck away a Saturday with R&R. I'm assuming the motor is okay. It ran for maybe 30seconds with basically no oil. I had $6/qt synthetic in there - hopefully there was enough of it still coating the various surfaces during that time.
close-up of the giant hole