1971 Datsun 240Z

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Purchased by me in 1999, completely original except for some creative fiberglassing of rusted areas and some super janky bondo in the right rear. Within 4 weeks, the water pump fell off, instant overheat, melted L24.  I then sourced an 83 L28, F54/P79, retaining the dual SUs and added an MSA 3-2-1 header. Drove it like that for about a year. Added a 79 5spd. Then acquired the mythical 4.11 R200 out of a turbo 200SX. Over the years, I put it back in the garage occasionally to

Then I drove it for about 10K miles. Was running late to the airport, trying to catch a left turn light, lady in an SUV about 400M ahead of me stopped when the light turned yellow. I guess my incredulity caused me to delay braking - anyway, I slammed on the brakes and skidded into the behemoth. Her truck was undamaged, but the Z got squished up front. So that lead to:

This car is almost completely impractical - the "almost" is because it actually does get pretty decent MPG. I have put over 14K miles on it - it's very reliable and I wouldn't hesitate to roadtrip it. But it's quite loud. It weighs ~2500lbs. It has too much power. Did I mention it's loud? I haven't bothered installing a stereo. It's very small. It's just more of a statement of car-craziness than an actual car.. It can easily just cruise around in 3rd gear. Or boil the tires in 1st. Or lope along on the highway in 6th at barely above idle. It handles very well, but the trade-off is a pretty harsh ride. Like a gokart - the springs are stiff. There's tons of different rates available though and they are super easy to swap. I have considered cutting the fenders and installing ZG Flares which would allow bigger wheels with more tire. It'd be a completely different look - spent awhile hunting for "nascar" style steelies in 17x9 but they'd have to be custom made to match the bolt pattern and at that point CCWs are about the same cost. I've also been researching new seats for a long while - better for the new owner to choose those.

Complaints: It has original wiring plus LS1 wiring plus an 87 Maxima fuse panel. This is better than original, but not ideal. Not all of the interior trim is in place and I tossed the pass. side rear trim plastic bc it was just shredded. There's no stereo - altho I did mill in a cut-out in the console plate in case some future person decides they want to try and overcome the sounds of the mighty V8.

I'm old and in need of simpler things. time for someone else to enjoy this crazy thing.

Now it is For Sale! Contact me via


(trades for Focus ST or similiarly practical, sensible, but interesting manual transmission car considered - NO SPORTS CARS!)

Currently located in Philadelphia, PA
Fully road-trip-worthy and I may agree to deliver it within reason (one last road trip?).
I will also throw in full admin to http://facebook.com/datsunz since without the car, I won't need it anymore. The page is currently not well managed, yet has 31K followers - it's definitely worth something..

Much of the details of this project have been posted to the forum(s) at hybridz.org.
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Info on my 17 X 8 wheels they fit perfectly

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