Pulled the motor out to complete the crossmember.
I spot welded everything and then pulled it out. It's a bear installing/removing that thing since now it's got 4 mount points and a total of 10 bolts and bolt holes that have to be lined up. Plus, I wasn't smart enough to pre-drill the driver's side (first side I did) strut rod hump with the unwelded crossmember arm bracket to ensure that the hole lined up with each other. Passenger side
So the pass side is all perfecto and the driver's side takes some wrestling. I think I've decided to make the mount towers separately and have them bolt to the crossmember. They'll also bolt to the frame rails, so it seemed like the best way to do it - more work though of course (drilling is harder and slower than welding ). And I'm not boxing in the angle iron arms. It's definately strong enough as is. This thing coupled with a K strut tower/firewall brace is gonna make for one stiff chassis. The really bad news is that even though I kept promising myself not to turn this into an ordeal, I've already started prepping the bay for primer and paint . I don't know why I do this to myself. So, that'll probably add a few weeks to the project. The main reason I'm doing this (apart from t he fact that it's all red right now and I plan to eventually paint the car another color), is that the passenger frame near the front had a rusy spot with pinholes, So I went over some other suspect areas and found more. Had to cut a chunk out of the driver side strut tower area (where the 2 layers of metal are) and weld in some new metal.
Driver's side

Completed Crossmember:
Primed and painted Looks like a space ship

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