AGH! All of these pics were lost in the disk crash and I have thus far been unable to locate a backup!
Exhaust is 2 1/2 inch into 3 inch.
Ugly, homemade Y pipe
Not completely welded yet here
Finally started it, January 26th, 2003.
Ignition switch is bad. Opens up the "On" circuit while in the "Start" position. Took me awhile to figure that out. But, once I did, it cranked right over. Loud. Only let it run for 10 seconds or so. Too chicken.

Still need radiator hoses, proper air intake setup, throttle cable, mount the fuse panel, lots of minor details. Oh, and I sort of snowballed the wiring. Now I am rewiring the entire car. I'm my own worst enemy...
Wire Mess
Wiring is evil

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