Short Update.

Worked out some radiator hoses. For the lower hose I ended up taking 2 hoses, cutting them, and splicing them together with a repair kit. For the upper hose, similar deal except I used the old hose I had for the L28 with a plastic extension. Temporary.

I can crank it over any time I want. And I do it often. Yes, the car is still up on jacks. But the fan is wired up. Still haven't mounted the fuse panel. Working on wiring up the headlights, etc. Really freakin cold out though. So I switched to tearing apart my guages (in front of the nice warm fire).

Yep, those are supposed to be guages

Yes, tearing up my guages. I am ripping out the guts and drilling various holes in the cases. I'm mounting the motors (potentiometers? What are these little things?) from the FBody guage panel and installing them inside my Datsun guages. Then I'll have wires running from each guage back to the circuit board. Not sure where I'm going to mount that. Of course I have to run wires from the engine harness (PCM) to the circuit board. I have to find a place to mount the LED readout for the odometer. Thinking of just putting in place of the clock. There's 9 wires that have to be spliced for that.
Update!  :This was a disaster and a waste of time. The gauges just wouldn't work. Total mess. Ended up credit carding some Autometer gauges instead.

Then maybe I can put the dash back in. And the seats. And then the hood goes back on? No, that can't be right. I'm sure there's like a hundred things left to do before that..........

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