NOTE: I have since chucked this jicky air intake and replaced it with proper rubber unions and a 3.5 inch dia. steel J pipe.
That's some 4 inch intake hose that I bought at Autozone. I put some foam weatherstripping around the intake to make the connection airtight.
The black piece is a rubber 4->3 inch reducer that I bought at HomeDepot. Very temporary.
I made a big 4 1/4 inch hole in the radiator support, reenforced with some strapping. Probably obvious, but that's 4 inch PVC pipe and a honkin' K&N cone filter. Looks really stupid but served its purpose until I replaced it.
Maxima switch gear
Maxima Turn signal/headlight/wiper switch (Thanks Owen)
Blinker Wiring
Blinker Wiring
Relays for horn (missing), High, Low beam, High, Low Fan
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