I fixed the hub and the caliper. Still no heat. Drove the car to Myrtle Beach summer of '03. Too loud. Need to redo the exhaust and add a 2nd muffler after the Y.

Getting ready (actually already done) to redo the air intake with steel to replace the PVC. Bought a tach too. Just no time though. Not driving the car since it has no heat (though I did buy replacement hoses - again, no time to fix with house renovations, work, school, kids, oi).

Got an unexpected bonus which I've squirreled away. Looking to buy seats, harnesses and a steering wheel. Very much hoping to do the cage this summer.

Meanwhile, just in the occasional driving I have done thus far, I have had to replace a tire. I think I have a toe problem (since verified to be true). Planning on doing the rear adjuster mod at some point (Update, Completed the rear toe adjuster).

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