This is probably about as good as the engine bay will ever look. I'm sure to get brake fluid on it. And of course it's gonna get banged up by the engine. Already got plenty scratched up putting the cross member in. It's much harder to install this "new" crossmember - with the tie rod ends still mounted to the spindles, the crossmember has to be angled and cojoled into place.

Ready for the engine? Is the truck jealous?
So, I put the engine in - again. Then I had to line it up, and re-align it, and adjust it. I'm really worried about getting it in straight. I'm desperate to get the driveline, that is, the line of the crankshaft/transmission, to be straight relative to the chassis. This is not easy. That stupid auto trans is huge. And the trans tunnel is not. Plus, the shifter bracket is pretty big and then I still have to figure out a way to get the exhaust thru there. I fear the dreaded vibration and noise of ill-aligned drive angles.
It just...drops .....right in.
The height was (is still) another tricky issue. Too high, hood clearance issues. Too low, oil pan versus road issues. There are also front/rear position decisions - If I get it really close to the firewall, then exhaust/steering shaft issues go away, and it's better for weight distribution. But, the farther back it goes, the more that damn, fatt-ass transmission gets wedged into the tiny trans tunnel. Also, My heater core inlet/outlet tubes come out of the firewall right into the passenger side head. I'd like to have a functioning heater (even though this is 71 240, I have a later, 76 hvac system - the original system's heater tubes would not be in the way).

I think I've got it all sorted out. Here's the completed driver's side motor mount:

It looks kinda kooky. It'll get 2 holes drilled that will correspond to 2 holes in the crossmember brace for bolting. There's a 2nd part of this, a horizontal bar that attaches to the motormount thru-bolt and bolts to the frame. I'll be welding a short section of angle iron to the frame which has 2 nuts welded to its inside. This cross piece will bolt to that. I have to pull the motor again in order to drill 2 big-ass holes in the frame to make room for those nuts. I looked at those cool, air powered angle drills yesterday. If I had one of those, I might be able to drill the holes without pulling the motor. Oh well - I can do a better job with more room anyway. Plus, I'll need the motor out to finish routing fuel and brake lines.

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