Camaro Tank

Here's a quick trial fit of the Camaro fuel tank. This tank came from a 99 Camaro. I specified V8 model, but who knows if that's what I got.

Obviously, the spare tire well was removed. It looks like there will be enough room for the exhaust.

Camaro Tank Install
Camaro Tank trial fit
Camaro Tank Install Camaro Tank Install

tank bar mounts

Four pieces (2 pairs) of 1 inch square tubing are used for the upper part of the mount. These are welded directly to the frame. There are angled pieces of 1/8 inch by 2 inch barstock welded to the front parts (picture?). These have holes with nuts welded to the inner side. The front ends of the strapping are doubled over and bent into a 90 degreeat the "2 and a half hole" mark. The tank is secured by bolts running thru the second hole and threading into the bracket.

These straps are just standard stock purchased from HomeDepot. There will be rubber (mountain bike innertube) between the strapping and the tank. The rear ends are pinned in place with welded Grade 8 bolts. The blue piece is heavy guage 1.5 X 2.5 inch (nominal) stock from an old nautilus leg press. It's currently welded directly to the frame in three places: the center to the original tank mount and the ends to the bumper mounts. There are 2 braces at the driver's side welded at 45 degrees joining the frame to this piece (picture?) and one at a much shallower angle (30 degrees or so) at the passenger side. This is all merely for piece of mind - protection for the tank with some regard given to retaining crash crushability.

I still have yet to route the filler. Gonna try cruising the local pick and pull for parts that can be made to work. The tank filler inlet is about 3 inches forward and it's pretty close. A tight S bend will be required.

{Update: I got a filler from a late 80s Maxima. Not ideal, but there wasn't much to choose from. It had a nice rubber elbo with it, but that turned out to be torn (Suck!). I'm gonna cut up this long-assed filler neck, weld a piece of exhaust elbo to it, and attach it with hose clamps and part of the rubber elbo. The angle of the actual capped part is perfect though. I had to enlarge the existing sheet metal around the old filler hole (that old filler was a bee-otch to remove) in order for this one to fit.}

I have flipped the "sending" unit that goes into the tank around approximately 180 degrees (the positioning of its various bits does not allow an exact flip) to point the feed, return and vapor lines to the front of the car (since the tank is flipped 180 degrees from the OEM FBody application). The connection of the plastic ends to the aluminum hardlines is yet to be worked out.

More Updating: I modified the LS1 sending unit to work with my Autometer 0-90ohm fuel gauge. I bought a ceramic coated 100ohm resistor from Radio shack. I chipped away the coating to reveal the wire-wound resistor. I drilled 2 holes in the sender to feed the stiff wire ends thru. Bent the wire ends of the resistor. Carefully bent the resistor into an arc shape matching the travel of the senders "fingers". I soldered the original (purple) leads to the resistor.
Disk crashed and I cannot find a back up of this photo showing the 100ohm resistor installed in the sender

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