More Diversion: Rebuild the frame rail


So, seems like most sanctioning bodies don't like for there to be fuel lines in the transmission tunnel. What to do with them then? Run them along the frame rail? There wasn't really anything much wrong with the existing floor support (frame rail). It wasn't rusted or anything. But it was pretty bent up from people jacking the car up from it. And on the early 240Zs like mine, it's pretty shallow anyway. So, I decided to snowball my project and delay it some more.

I'm ripping out the existing frame rail and replacing it with a 14ga steel piece. And, I'm going to route the fuel lines (source and return) and the rear brake line inside it.


At first, I was gonna just have the 2 cross pieces to re-enforce it and increase the tubing protection. But then I went a little further. I cut one side off of a piece of 1 inch square tubing and welded it down the middle. Then, for the front part where the temptation to jack up the car seems most irresistable, I used some home-made square tubing that I constructed from 2 pieces of very thick fence rail channel. In the back, I used some of the metal from the tubing that was cut off. The contours and bending of the rail is not exact, but it's certainly close enough. This will be much stronger than the original and it will connect all the way to the rear subframe.


I drilled and sawzawlled 2 very elongated holes into the top of the frame rail in the engine bay, just ahead of the brake line emergency switch and into the "hidden" layer of metal between the 2 frame rails. I then used my welder to bead the lips of the holes so they would be thick and round and not sharp and lethal. The lines pass thru this area. I started this using steel fuel lines which was a disaster. Too rigid and kinkable. I ended up using aluminum fuel line (-6 AN or 3/8 inch).

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