Complete Suspension
Rebuild - Page 2

Everything is all clean and painted and shiny. At least for now.

control arm

It was really alot of work. All the cleaning and grinding and sand blasting. It killed me to bolt it all to a grungy looking cross member. But - a line must be drawn. It's all just gonna get dirty again anyway.

I chose to use the spray on rubber coating stuff for the section of the strut tube above the perch. This was because the threaded coil-over tube didn't fit snugly over the strut tube. Three coats of the rubber-type stuff made for a nice tight fitment.

I painted the new ball joints and steering arms, as well as the sway bar and rack mounts with dark grey Hammer finish. I probably should have used the same paint on the rest of the suspension parts. But I didn't. Bright red. Yes indeed. Wait 'til the boys at the alignment shop see this sucker....

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Perches welded on steering knuckles

Sway bar end links were really hard to install. I tried many things - clamps, vice grips, squeezing, screaming. What finally worked was using a spring compressor. One end hooked to the sway bar and the other hooked to the control arm. It was tricky, but I did it. Be prepared for an ordeal. The poly bushings are very stiff.

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I had set both perches to the exact midpoint, not knowing where to set it for optimimum ride height. But that turned out to put it right where it was originally, which is perfect (for now). When I can afford new rims and tires, I'll probably lower it another inch.

The ride is now Fantastic! It's firm, but not too stiff. Turns much better. Of course, the rear end is still bouncy and squishy. I'll wait to address that as a complete project, including R200 swap.